About us

Ironcloud Metalworks caters to the van enthusiast...

My name is Derek, I am the founder and owner of Ironcloud Metalworks. I share your passion for all things van.

My love for vans began with an Astrovan and a deep connection to the great outdoors. Captivated by the comfort and functionality of a van for my camping, hiking, and overlanding adventures, I was ready to dive in. Little did I know that I would find more joy in building vans than using them.

The dream of spending every weekend camping was soon replaced by hours of research on the best suspension components, sleeping and cooking configurations and must-have spare parts for the road-less-travelled. I delved into the world of electronics, mechanics, and everything in between.

I quickly realized the interior build was only a small part of the process of creating a trail-ready rig and I was hooked. If the campsite was the destination, the build-out was the journey.

When I started Ironcloud Metalworks, I thought I might sell a few Astro/Safari swivels and then move on with my life.  Little did I know, building a business feels a lot like building a van.  Once again, I'm hooked--enjoying this new journey as much as the destination.

I pinch myself everyday that I get to do this for a living, so I truly appreciate your support as this business would not exist without our valued customers.   I may be living it -- but you are the ones helping make this American dream-come-true.

-Derek Wolfson
Owner & Founder, Ironcloud Metalworks